Wedding Industry Trends | Are We Doomed? The Truth About Wedding Industry Trends

Is the wedding industry recovering or floundering?

We surveyed our wedding vendor friends to find out what’s really happening out there in your real world, and the results were surprising!

Read excerpts from the responses of wedding professionals about wedding industry trends in their local markets to find out who’s thriving and who is still struggling…and what makes the difference.

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Hudson Valley Wedding Ceremony | Music for Your Hudson Valley Wedding

Planning a wedding in the Hudson Valley? Check out this beautiful option for your ceremony music. Great for music lovers planning a Hudson Valley wedding ceremony!

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Wedding Marketing | How to Stop the Price Question

Sick of answering the question, “How much?” Learn a great trick for moving away from the price question and getting one step closer to booking the wedding. Perfect for wedding vendors and bridal industry professionals.

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Are DJs Always Cheesy?

When my husband and I first became Hudson Valley wedding DJs, Jeff faced a huge

Cool Jeff Playing Guitar

Photo by Karenscape

internal dilemma…

DJs are just so…cheesyHow can I willingly become a cheesy DJ?

The truth is that as a guitarist and singer-songwriter, Jeff is infinitely cooler than me.  He struggled to balance his love for music and desire to make a living doing it with his need to maintain his “coolness factor” as a musician.

He still believed that DJs where inherently cheesy, even after he became one!  He couldn’t stop thinking about the DJs he’d seen with oversized sunglasses, chasing guests down with Hawaiian leis, playing inflatable saxophones to “Old Time Rock and Roll” and enthusiastically leading the Chicken Dance.

If you’ve been worried about hiring the stereotypical cheesy wedding DJ, I’ve got good news for you.  All DJs are NOT created equal.  And all DJs are NOT cheesy.

I’ve spent some time thinking about the psychology of the dance floor and especially what is and is not cheesy.  Since I’ve been working as a professional wedding DJ for almost 10 years now, I’ve become comfortable with the stereotypical corny DJ association and have developed a few theories.

Jeanne from Hudson Valley Ceremonies recently posted my “Rules of Cheese” on her blog.  It’s a great primer on how to have a fun wedding that isn’t cheesy.  It’s easier than you think.

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Surprise Wedding First Dance 10 Years Later

2008 brought lots of choreographed surprise wedding first dance songs, thanks to the power of Youtube.  But this one takes the cake in my book.

Imagine the daring couples ten years from now, kids in tow.  It might look a little like this…

I think these guys might be back for an encore performance to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

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Why is the Hudson Valley such a popular wedding destination?

I just got off the phone with a wonderful couple from NYC who is planning their wedding at Bride and groom trash the dress session in Poughkeepsie, NY - Photo by Lori O'TooleOnteora Mountain House in Boiceville, NY.  It is without a doubt one of the top Hudson Valley wedding venues on my list.  If Jeff and I were getting married all over again, it’s our top pick.

So what makes the Hudson Valley so special?

First of all, the Hudson Valley is HUGE and it technically encompasses the area from Westchester County outside New York City all the way up to Albany and Troy.  Here are just a few reasons why the Hudson Valley rocks when it comes to weddings.

The Hudson River

It’s beautiful, majestic and absolutely irresistible.  There’s nothing like photos of the gorgeous bride and groom on its shores at sunset.  Simply add an amazing professional photographer and you’ve got wedding photos to die for.

The Mountains

If you don’t favor the river view, you can always host your wedding at a mountain hideaway.  You’ve got the Catskills, part of the Appalachian Mountains, and even some of the Adirondacks to choose from.

Ever see the movie Dirty Dancing?  There are dozens of hidden away mountain resorts in the woods that are a perfect destination wedding spot.  With a vantage spot high in the mountains, you’ll have a view of the Hudson River running through the valley, too.

Historic NY

Historic locations can be found throughout the entire Hudson Valley region.  Homes of the  Roosevelts, Vanderbilts, and Rockefellars have been restored to their prior glory.  You can find centuries old estates and farmhouses, like Bronck House in Greene County, circa 1663.  West Point Military Academy boasts some of the most impressive views in the entire Hudson Valley.

These are only a few of the historic gems in the valley, many of which are available for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The Seasons

The Hudson Valley offers the full experience of all four seasons.

Wedding season begins in the spring, celebrated with daffodils, tulips, and pale green sprouts.  By summertime, the mountain side is lush and gardens reach full bloom.  Autumn is the most popular time for weddings because of the splendid fall foliage across the Hudson Valley.  Some couples even choose to brave the threat of a snow storm to enjoy winter’s crystalline beauty.

All of these changing seasons are nature’s gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photographs.

Openness To the Non-Traditional

There are so many unique destinations and such diverse cultural and creative options to choose from in the Hudson Valley that pretty much anything goes.  This means you are free to plan your wedding exactly as you choose.

Hudson Valley couples often encourage their eccentric tastes and individual creativity, assisted by the creative artists who are drawn to the area outside New York City.  The area is famous for its pioneering independent spirits, and couples can draw on this energy to create a one of a kind wedding experience.

Abundant Entertainment

Couples hosting a wedding in the Hudson Valley won’t have to worry about entertaining their out of town guests with all the entertainment options available in the Hudson Valley.

Tourists can visit the historic spots already mentioned, drop by numerous art museums and galleries, go to the theater or engage in outdoor activities like swimming, hiking and biking at national parks.

With all the festivals and events in the Hudson Valley, each weekend offers a new adventure.

A local Chamber of Commerce can recommend a myriad of entertainment options for your guests over your wedding weekend.

This list only touches on the beauties and wonders the Hudson Valley region has to offer.  Planning your wedding here provides the opportunity to customize your wedding experience and treat your guests to a region filled with history, natural beauty, culture and fun.

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